Casey Comfort has over 25 years of experience in the Maritime field. He is a 1985 graduate of Maine Maritime Academy with a B.S. in Marine Engineering with Minors in Nuclear and Engineering Science. He furthered his education by receiving a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Orono in 1989. Casey holds a U.S.C.G. Chief Engineer Steam, Diesel, and Gas Turbines Unlimited H.P License. Casey has sailed as Chief Engineer Steam and Diesel on over Twenty different Vessels. He has extensive experience as C/E on Steam Tankers as large as 250,000DWT 50,000 SHP also extensive experience as C/E on a variety of Diesel Vessels up to 64,500 SHP. As a Port Engineer he has supervised the building of Bulk Vessels in Hyundai Industries Ulsan, South Korea, Tankers in Sembawang, Singapore and Lisnave, Portugal. Casey has been Director of Engineering for Liberty Maritime where he was Responsible for World Wide Operations of their Bulk and Tanker Fleet. He has Dry-Docked numerous Vessels through out the world.

Casey has wide ranging experience in writing specs for Dry-Docking, new construction, and major repair work for Large Vessels, Tugs, and Barges, while effectively working with USCG and ABS to meet all Regulatory requirements. He has participated in the No Notice Activations in Gulf of Mexico for MARAD as a Port Engineer/Chief Engineer for the Vessels M/V Mission Capistrano & S/S Mission Buenaventura. Vessels arrived at Berth under Tow and Dehumidification. The crew had 21 days to repair, go on Sea Trials and be accepted by US Government for their missions. Both Vessels accepted by the US Government early and under budget. Casey has returned to the Maine Maritime Academy as Guest Instructor to Senior Midshipman on Modern Diesel Automation for Medium & Slow Speed Diesels.

Casey moved to Alaska in 2007 where he was the Port Engineer for Crowley Maritime Services covering the entire State of Alaska from Prudhoe Bay to Dutch Harbor to Valdez. Most recently he was the Director of Engineering for the start up Marine Company, Cruz Marine LLC in Palmer, Alaska. Casey took the original Owners’ design for building a Shallow Draft Tug, and integrated into the design many new ideas with the end result; the first ABS Load Line Shallow Draft Double Hulled Vessels (Dana and Millie Cruz) built with the design emphasis on working in the harsh Alaskan environment.


Captain Nick Wisner brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how to Comfort Marine Consulting & Surveying LLC, with over 40 years of Sea going experience. He holds a U.S.C.G. Master 1600 Ton Oceans, with Towing Endorsement. He has sailed as Master since 1985 on Towing (Single and Tandem), Research, Ice Breaking, and Dredging Vessels.

Captain Wisner brings to Comfort Marine Consulting & Surveying LLC extensive experience in Ice Towing Operations, Offshore Lightering, Salvage/Rescue Operations, and Ice Reconnaissance. He has participated in offshore oil exploration in the Bering Sea. He has wide-ranging experience in Deep-Sea Mooring systems. He has extensive experience in Towing Single and Tandem Tows on the Waters of North and South Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, Inside Passage of Canada and Alaska. In addition to Towing and Pushing Operations in Alaska, California, and Columbia Rivers.

Captain Wisner has broad experience in Hypothermia treatment, Arctic cold water survival, Damage control, Vessel stability, Ice stability and safety,

Captain Wisner sailed as Executive Officer on the R/V Cory Chouest. A T-AGOS Military Sealift Command. Special Operations Ship, where he was the Weapons Training, Antiterrorist and Force Protection Officer. He has Anti Terrorism Level 1 and 2 training.

Intimate knowledge of all ISM, GMDSS procedures and requirements.

He has spent time ashore as Project Manager for Tradewinds Ocean Services. He was Foreign and Domestic Operations. Manager for the Trawler Fisheries businesses in Alaskan waters, with extensive experience in Offshore cargo operations.

In his younger days he fished the Bearing Sea for King and Dungeness Crab.

Captain Wisner has sailed as Master of Towing on these Bodies of Waters:

North Atlantic: Labrador Sea (Arctic), North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea.

North and Eastern Pacific: Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, Inside Passage of Alaska and Canada, Puget Sound Waters.

Western Pacific: Japan Sea, Inland Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea, South China Sea, Philippine Sea, South West Pacific Islands

Equatorial Pacific, Equatorial Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea

South Atlantic: Southern Ocean, Drake Passage, (Antarctic) waters

East Coast: New York Harbor. Delaware River and Delaware/ Chesapeake Canal. Extensive Panama Canal experience.


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